Eolgreen®  F104





Made in Spain / Pat Pending

Mod. 6 meters: F104-31 LED 30S

Mod. 8 meters: F104-45 LED 45S

Launch speed 1.4 m/s

No light pollution

Remote Monitoring

Minimum maintenance

58H Autonomy, without wind or sun

No network connection

Immediate installation

Urban roads

Parks and gardens

Interurban roads


TURBINE• Minimum starting torque 0’2 N• Weight 28Kg• Structure made by composites• Vertical Axis• Maximum speed Stop/security 15m/s


The Boxer Type Eolgreen® turbine, designed, developed and manufactured by Eolgreen, composed of 4 alveolar and 90o twisty blades, is able to maintain a dynamic flow of vertical suspension with our bended profile design called “naca F104”.

Thanks to its structure composition with the latest generation materials applied in our production process, we have achieved an enviable streamlined flow. Consequently, our Eolgreen® turbines maintain a starting torque of only 0’2N, optimizing a kinetic production with a really low wind intensity, with a starting speed of 1’4m/s.


All our Eolgreen® turbines have the following technological applications with GRAPHENO:





Eolgreen® turbines are made under the strictest rules of environmental quality, being composed by materials which are respectful with the environment.

Its structure composed by several laminar layers on a fibre and resin basis, makes it a product able to bear adverse weather conditions. To this we must include the GRAPHENO application at the last stage of the production process.

This last generation material applied in the Eolgreen® turbines, reaches one of our main objectives: RESISTANCE, ANTI-FATIGUE and SELF-CLEANING.




GENERATOR• Wind speed energy production of 1’7 m/s (6’12km/h)• Electromagnetic system• Quiet• Maximum energy production 400W• “Low Cooging” System


Eolgreen® “Low Cooging” engines, manufactured in our installations, are able to generate energy at only 1’7m/s, that is, from 6’12 km/h.

Designed with an electromagnetic system, its functionality stands out by its low friction and any system wear. At the same time, its anti-anchoring system makes it one of the generators with most efficiency in the market.

Built with light alloy materials and respectful with the environment, Eolgreen® generator is a compact and quiet product, unique in its segment, able to produce up to 400W.




LUMINAIRE• Luminaire: B-LED mini• Consumption: 41W• Voltage: 24V• Frequency: 50 / 60Hz• Assembling height: 6 - 12m• Protection level: IP66 - IK08• Weight: 13kg• UHF: <1%• Life Span: L80 - 50.000h.  • Luminaire: O-LED• Consumption: 26W• Voltage: 24V• Frequency: 50 / 60Hz• Assembling height: 2 - 6m• Protection level: IP65 - IK09• Weight: 9,5kg• UHF: <1%• Life Span: L80 - 50.000h.B-LED miniO-LED


In Eolgreen® we need external elements which are in accordance with the applied technology in our energy generator system.




REGULATOR• Start/Stop automatic lightning switch• Energy production management (wind/solar energy)• Battery charge optimization• Battery life regulation• Voltage control• Charge regulation• Security brake systems


Eolgreen® regulators have been designed and manufactured to optimize and minimize energetic loss in all steps of the system production.

It is worth noting its functionality to transmit an optimal regulation in concurrence with the batteries’ life, as well as its capacity to detect charge/discharge phase differences and to regulate in real time the magnetic flux drawn by the kinetic force transmitted to the generator rotor by its axis.





MONITORING• Data receiving and processing system (GPRS) to receiver• Real-time voltage reading• Battery charge reading• Start/Stop reading• System failure prevention warning• System state reading• Up to 99 units connected to receiver


In Eolgreen®, sustainable energy generator systems are always connected to our receiver. Through an UHF system interconnected and up to 99 units between each other, they send all data to a receiver which, at the same time, informs through GPRS, maintaining a constant  information flow every 30 min., obtaining charts and performance data, as well as visualization and anomaly detection.

One of the most important points of our system is to detect acts of vandalism on time to prevent components’ theft in real time, of 15/30 min.




PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS• 2 units polycrystalline type• Power 100W/u.• Integrated photocells light detection• Integrated orientation and regulation system




AUTONOMY BATTERIES• 1 unit per illuminating system• Battery type: lithium-ferrous phosphate• Sealed system• Minimal maintenance• Amperage 100 Ah• Voltage 3’5V• Maximum power 2.640W


Lithium – ferrous phosphate batteries with extra-long durability (up to 10 years), used in our energy storage system, designed electronically by Eolgreen®, maintain a series minimal power available of 1’2kW, giving an initial autonomy of 3’5 consecutive nights.

As an option, we can offer, to increase said autonomy, up to 6’5 consecutive nights or 2’6kW of saved power.

System developed and manufactured by Eolgreen SL with the collaboration of:




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